2021: It is definitely a better year

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It has been a very difficult year for the Tourism industry.  As this year is reaching to its end it is time for a debriefing regarding how we did things and how to make them better in 2021. During this challenging year Greece, and especially Rhodes, handled the pandemic really well and this was a great occasion to open up for new markets and new customers. In fact, many of our  2020 guests did not even know where Rhodes or Greece were, prior to this crisis, but they chose our islands and opted for our islands during this summer, as the circumstances did not allow them to travel towards where they usually spent their holidays. The feedback we got, was that they will definitely come back, as Greece was a great surprise to them. They thought that protocols were being followed better than their expectations, weather is great, including November, so the social distancing could be easily kept and everything was going on on the open air. We even had guests that stayed really for long periods, as they could smart work from here and back home they were locked down. Why not work on the terrace of a nice summer house and then have a nice swim in the blue sea? Rhodes from 1/7/2020, when travelling was finally allowed, had around 580.000 visitors and by keeping all protocols in place, there was no (or little) outspread of the virus. We want to believe that this was not mere luck, but it was a correct and strict handling of all safety measures. This has put down the correct base for a better season during 2021. Have we done whatever it took in order to take out the best of this difficult situation for tourism? I think that we did. As a DMC, we have seen lots of interest for the island from new Tour Operators which prior to Covid19 did not even think of opening up Rhodes or Greece. The fact that they could not sell packages in any other place on earth, drove them to plan of making business here in 2021. Having said the above, definitely we will not burst out from new bookings, but we will have the advantage of bringing home new, fresh business which, if handled correctly will be an excellent base also for 2022 or for extending the summer season and include November as an option, during which the temperature is still  very pleasant. The only issue which could be uncertainty could be solved by having access on the right information. According to us the most accurate information for travelers within Europe can be found on https://reopen.europa.eu/en.  Let’s only hope the information will not change daily as it did in 2020. Definitely we and governments will learn how to live with the virus and everything will turn out more smooth and predictable. We think that this pandemic gave us some time to think how we do things and how to make them better and in a more sustainable way. Let’s hope that we will not forget quickly when this pandemic will end and that we will act and think in a more environmental friendly way. That we will respect the destinations and local communities and try to offer to our customers activities and options which can help in creating a better economy through correct and sustainable ways. We are safely ready with all our new ideas and new projects to welcome each visitor with a big smile (still under our masks) 🙂 but now for us it is a piece of cake as we will still be using our safety protocols https://kapco.gr/summer-holidays-in-rhodes-during-covid19/  Let’s get used, at least for 2021, to a new way of travelling incoming tourism Greece,incoming tourism Rhodes,mice Greece,Travel agency Greece,accommodation in Rhodes,Incoming Tour Operator Greece,Incoming Tour operator Rhodes,Travel Agent Rhodes,Tour operator handling,local supplier for Tour Operators #staysafe