Safety protocols in Rhodes during COVID-19

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January 2020, now,  seems far away. But if we try to think how we felt back then, regarding the forecast we had for summer season 2020, no person in this world could ever imagine what would happen.

It has been a hard hit for Tourism and for local economy and many changes had to be done in order to be able spread the warmth of Greek hospitality to our visitors. Fortunately the Greek government and population handled the situation in a very efficient manner and we stayed Healthy while getting restrictions and travel bans every 2 weeks.

Now that we are in the middle of it, I would say we are doing a good job. We are running at only 12-15% of our capacity, but definitely who had the guts to travel during this summer, (yes! I personally think that who travelled this summer is a Hero!)  enjoyed Greece at its best! Weather is always wonderful, all restaurants cafes and bars are in the open air, safety distances are being kept very well and it seems that the biggest fear of us all, to get into that plane, does not seem so scary anymore.

We really hope to be able to experience a more “normal” operation on 2021. But till then, we stay safe and apply below protocols.

Kapco Travel COVID safety protocols